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    Got an update.

    Unclaimed a dino an did the "destroytribedinos" command and can tame again. Leaving the mature rate down to help band-aid fix the issue for now but the map is more playable at the moment.

    Main thing I've seen is that they are teleporting babies under the mesh at 50,50 so you can't see it but the game tries to load it all in and results in a server crash.

    I'm getting the same max dino cap on Rag as well, for an xbox server. Can't tame but can pop out cryopods without an issue. Gets all wiggy and crashes when you get to 50,50. No mass amount of dinos can be seen, just a bit of rubber banding then crash. Have 5 other maps clustered with the same server settings but Rag is the only map having this issue.

    So far I turned down mature speed and rolled back to a previous save that was before a crash error popped up. Still can't tame. No clue when it started for sure.

    Probably already been answered a bunch of times already and assuming the answer is no, so sorry in advance.

    Is there a way to transfer ownership of a nitrado xbox server or a way to transfer save data to a new server similar to how the official save data download works?

    Curious with how often updates happen. I've read that servers are usually updated within ~2 hours of a release, but servers seem to be on 795.19 where as a few smaller patches have come out and are at 795.3 as of yesterday with one of the patches in between allowing use of flyers on Genesis which I would assume would solve a few of the other forum complaints I've seen. Any idea on when rented servers would be brought up to date? Thanks in advance :)

    Same here, just got it configured and clustered to some other maps and it won't let me login no matter what map I pick. Have restarted, full stopped, and hard reset my xbox. Also did the "play single player for a bit" trick and no dice. I have no problem connecting to other servers so I ended up submitting a ticket.