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    To give a feedback, sorry for the late replies, the support whom was really helpful and friendly, changed the ip address and port used for the server and it fixed everything. So if some of you still get this problem, kindly write a ticket to support and they will have it fixed for you. <3

    Good evening and nice to meet you all.

    I have been using Nitrado for quite a while using my girlfriend's account and decided to use my personal account to host a server. Thus, I never had any issues before. But tonight, I was working on my inis and uploaded it all, I know I did no mistake as I used the same ini than all the other servers I used to host and they are all working wonders.

    But tonight, it is not the case.

    I simply cannot log in to my server.

    I tried to turn on and off my internet, to clean the MAC Adress, to use my xbox, my pc and my girlfriend's xbox account, but it always come back to the same result:

    ''Couldn't find the Address''

    Anyone else is having the issue lately? I am concerned that my server may not work and I wrote a ticket and yet to have an answer.

    Thank you for your help <3