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    For modded server it's recommended to Wipe, There is a workaround without wipe but Involve a lot of editing since some of your types.xml can be linked to mapgrouppos/events as well, a fresh wipe is the best

    yh ive just wiped its sorted it out and is running alot better, thanks for your help.

    ok yh i reinstalled the server then restored a back up after 1.08 was released so the progress wasn't lost, so i dont think that will be the issue, i also upped the nominal value to see if that would work and still no car. do you reckon its a case of having to wipe the server and start fresh then?

    hi, after updating to 1.08 for some reason no cars are spawning on my server. I have re-installed the vanilla xmls, validated my edited xmls, and still no cars are spawning. they was spawning fine before the update!,

    i messed up in the coding for my server and i have no idea where i went wrong things spawn it ruined or dont spawn at all and the server became incredibly laggy. i want to keep my progress i know the reinstall button will fix it but delete everything. my question is the " Reset Mission-xml to default " button, does that also wipe everything from my server?

    no it just re-installs the vanilla files.

    i have got two players that for some reason when they load into my server they cannot interact with anything and end up freezing and getting eaten by zombies, i know this use to be a problem before 1.07 was released but i thought it had been fixed. any info on this will be appreciated. thanks.

    Go to automated tasks and choose your choice there. I have mine set for every 6 hours. Screenshot attached for viewing help. Need anything else let me know. Have fun with your server.

    yh I can do all that but as we are only allowed to make 5 automated tasks, I was wondering if theres a way to set one to reset every two hours!

    Hello, I’ve recently bought a DayZ server and it’s going very well.

    I’ve promised my community to work on adding the Killfeed into our discord, I’ve seen other servers on Xbox do this so I know it’s possible.

    I’ve had other issues with getting the Server Messages.xml to work also if anyone can help me sort these two things out that would rock! :)

    the killfeed is a bot on discord, so you will have to install it through that and make sure your message codes are wrote out correctly.

    hi, I recently edited some xml files to spawn some items in with a certain car, it all worked fine. I then changed the items that I wanted to spawn in and reset the server, after that the same items are appearing!. can someone tell me how come this is happening? thanks.

    You have set lifetime to only 500 seconds, meaning they will disappear after 500 seconds. Im still trying to figure out what the lootmax, lootmin, max and min does or if it needs to be changed for things to work properly

    lootmin is the minimum spawns on the server and lootmax is the maximum. lootmax has to always be the same number as the nominal or less than it.

    to spawn cars in with all parts you need to change the chance of them spawning with the car. go into cfgspawnabletypes.xml and go right to the bottom to find the cars, change all chances to 0.90 and they will spawn with everything 90% of the time. as for the fuel im not too sure on that ill have to go through the files and try to find out.