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    Hi, i want to change my game server from [Avorion] (as i got now) to [Dont Starve] i wounder if its possible to save my server-files from [Avorion] so i later can restore it if i desides to change back to [Avorion]

    Dont answer with just a "Yes" explain also please :)

    Thanks allot :):)

    Hello its been a week my server got up and down, stuck in restart and unavalible to join etc etc.

    Now its totaly stuck in the restart mode. can you look at this? And to who should a contact for getting a refund for this "week of madness". im not angry im aware that problem is common for everyone. One day is okay with problems but one week is 1/4 of a mounth and for that i want a refund. i know you work hard on this and hope you find a fix for it soon.

    // Thomas Schreiber<3

    Yesterday the server crashed like 50 times, today its been unable to reach the whole day. i know issues is unpredictable but i pay money for this server so i hope for a compensation of some kind. With that said. Thank you for your services and i hope you com up with a solution soon.


    #When will the serever(s) be back to normal?

    #Will you give compensation?

    so i posted a quest 2 days ago about that i cannot get on my own server i now founded the problem! It happends when i connect to my Iphones "HotSpot" (wifi/internet) thats why it wont log in... my question about that is WHY! why cant i join my server while using my iphone as internet.

    Ok, but why couldnt i log into my own server yesterday, and suddenly i could?

    So you say i can use cheat in my own server even if i have the Battleye and VAC active?.. when i say cheat, i mean det "admin commands" only!.. cause u need it time to time. if someone is stuck or other things.

    I bought a server yesterday, followed a guy on youtube and things was going great, open up the game and it worked properly.

    I was outlogged once, i logged in again. and played for a while just to try things out. after a while i was thinking; "hm im the admin now lets use some cheat to build up some thing here and there" Said and done i read how to cheat in the ARK but suddenly i was kicked out from my own server. I googled what happend and read that i cant use cheat on Official server not even if you are the admin. I dont know if my server is an official one but i couldnt find it in the ingame search on official servers, so i gues not? after this i uinstalled the game from the server and installed it again, changed the name and started the server, but i still cant log in. ill tryed other official server and that is no problem i also tryed to join a game with the same map and it worked to.

    What is happening, why cant i join my own server.... starting getting real "pissoff" here after 5 hour with no luck!;(