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    can some one help me . i started a new server yesterday , everything is ok on nitrado app . the server is started . i never been able to log in . i can see it in the server list . enter my pass , and then , the loading start ans stop 30 sec with this message ,,: cannot retrieve address. what can i do . 28 days left and i never see the grass .

    Try restarting the server and restarting the game. Nitrado is definitely having some server issues the past week so if you cant get on, I would send a support ticket to them to try to get a few days free for not being able to access it.

    So I'm getting a bit annoyed so I'm here to see if anyone knows what the reason is.

    I want to change the breeding times from the Nitrado default settings. So after Opening the Beacon app these are the settings i decided to go with.

    Mating Speed Multiplier: 4

    Incubation Speed Multiplier: 2
    Baby Food Consumption: 0.8
    Imprint Period Multiplier: 0.8

    Imprint Stat Scale Multiplier: 1.5

    Imprint Grace Period Multiplier: 5

    With those settings it should have these breeding speeds on a Wyvern.

    Incubation Time: 2hr 29mins
    Mature Time: 23hr 8mins

    But instead it had a 52min Incubation time and a fully matured Wyvern in a little over 2 hrs with no milk needed. Unacceptable.

    So I try to adjust it. Saved the server. Restarted it a few times. No change.

    I got to the point where i figured let me just reset the setting to the default settings and try again. so i changed all the above settings back to 1.0

    Now the breed times are still way to slow.

    The Wyvern is now 1hr 30mins Incubation

    The Argy is at 58mins Incubation.

    At default its should be way more than that.

    What I'm asking is.... Is there maybe a multiplier somewhere I might have overlooked that doubles all the settings. Or do I need to restart the server a few times for the correct setting to take effect? I'm at a loss here.

    Please Help. We have been trying to change some of our server settings for days and nothing we change gets applied in the game. We tried letting the server stay turned off for more than 10 mins. We've tried restarting it multiple times in a row. We've tried switching to Expert Mode and saving the settings that way and we've even tried resetting all the settings back to default. No matter what we do it will always start as if we did nothing at all.

    Is there something else we can do here? We've hit the max 250 tamed dinos so until we can change these settings there's nothing we can really do. We need help ASAP. ;(;(;(