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    Nice! Thank you for your quick response and help.

    How do I make a log.adm on iPad?

    Btw your program is pure gold and I‘m very happy with the pro version. :love:

    So the problem is that everytime l want to download the Log-Files from my DayZ Server to load it in an external program it redirects me to the File-Browser an says:

    An error occured while connecting to the API. Please wait a few minutes and try again.

    So what does that exactly mean?

    I run a "NO BASE RAID" Server on PS4 so it's essential that i can read the Logs.

    If it helps in some way, I'm using a tablet to down-/upload the logs on but everthing worked fine just before the update.

    I have the same problem with the logs.

    Since the update I'm not able to download them, I used to upload them in an extern programm kinda like a heatmap, and the part were you can configurate the servermessages is gone completely.