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    There is nothing specific for the PHP SDK which is my issue, I have noticed many people making the same comments, for the official SDKs there is no help, support or examples. I tried to contact support but they just forward me back to the docs so I'm at a dead end and don't have money to pay someone to build it for me either. So I am trying to find some help or even an example someone has made but so far nothing.

    Really would appreciate if anyone can show me an example of the PHP SDK downloading things like log files or gameserver files such as xmls

    If you set up the server before the update came out you will need to either perform a rollback to a recent backup or wipe the server... (rollback to most recent backup is less damaging)

    Yea unless im missing something when its "corrupt" it otherwise means there is a bad line(s) of code or a simple typo or 2??

    Ive used the file checkers and after going back and checking everything it was telling me too i ended up getting a proper file.?

    I had a similar issue and found that the file was being corrupted on the server after I uploaded it

    I got around by making sure the server was stopped for at least 5 minutes before touching the files, uploading via the web file browser and then waiting at least 5 mins before starting. If you're doing that with a valid file hopefully it will work.

    If it is only your types.xml that is corrupt you could delete it and upload a brand new one.

    Here's a few places you can get one....

    GitHub - BohemiaInteractive/DayZ-Central-Economy: DayZ Central Economy configuration - this is the default one - depending on your map go to the dayzOffline.xxxxx folder -> db - > types.xml

    DayZ server customizer - this one is pretty good the guy has included a validator will detect corrupt file

    DSSC - Dayz standalone server customizer

    I found myself that the platform does indeed like to corrupt files, try uploading it via the different options, web gui file upload, copy paste from web gui editor and also ftp. keep trying, make sure the server is STOPPED when changing file or replacing them too

    hopefully that will help you

    hi im super new to all this i created a rollback file in config profiles but it does not do anything when i try to roll back i just get the message action was successful but when i log in im not at the same location i am trying to figure this out for after pvp events plz help tia

    You want to use the restore backup function in the control panel. You need to do this from a web browser (see screenshots) sign into your account, and click to manage your service, it then shows up on left side


    try changing crafted="1" to "0" and then just make sure your other values mimic the same format as the standard m4. might work.

    One other thing I've noticed for everyone who is having troubles - sometimes when saving or uploading the file it gets corrupt. I've noticed a couple times when the loot economy breaks and zombies stop spawning I have rechecked the file to find strange things like half of it missing.

    Another thing when you start your server back, if you have broken something in the loot economy you should notice a drop in RAM usage that will persist until things are fixed. This can help you work out when its broken. If it can't read the full file it doesnt load it at all so the server will use a lot less RAM as there is no CLE running to spawn items.

    The other thing is you gotta make sure all your values are correct and within parameters, e.g. setting a barrel (or anything) to persist more than 45 days = broken file. You also need to make sure you use the correct case for usages and values. e.g. military would not work. it is Military. or flip it Weapons wouldn't work for cat, its weapons

    XML is a very dead set language, if you miss any tags e.g. <usage name="Military"> in stead of ..."Military"/> it will fail too. or missing a < or > or " will result in a broke file.

    I recommend that you download your file (save a copy too) and then just change 1 loot type at a time. (Stop server first, wait a few min, upload or save edited file with just 1 loot item changed at a time, wait another few min start server check and see. Every time you make a successful change take a backup of that file too. Once you get in the swing of it you can add more changes but again do them in stages it works best (at least on a busy platform)

    I have also found making too many changes at once just seems to choke up the CLE too. so really just be gentle, ease your changes in ;) I'm finding my changes on Xbox server are working much better as I am now adding them in small stages of 5 to 10 types at a time... and letting it run a few hours to work in the changes.

    I am also balancing my changes by reducing items that aren't very useful such as wrenches and things like that to prevent too many items trying to spawn in the map. The more you spawn the more it will bog down the server - try balance things

    You're welcome ! hope it goes

    Reseting the mission option worked perfectly, again , thank you. Hope this helps others with any other similar problems.

    You're welcome, glad I could help.

    1 thing if I may, take a copy of any file before you edit. That way down the line when you have a few modified files if you mess up just 1 file you can restore only that one rather than wipe all your changes

    hi , i just adjusted a few settings in my db folder, to increase nominal values on a few items such as tents and m4a1s etc, now my game has no zombies. Anybody know how to restore to default, without losing all the base building we have done & lootgathered over the last 2 months.

    in your server backups area on the nitrado website control panel there is an option to restore the server mission files. failing that go into general settings there is an option to reset the files back to default. neither of these options should affect players or bases etc

    Can't find much about the custom line, but I don't think it would be relevant to editing the xml files. That file is setting options for the main economy types. you could remove persistence by changing save to 0 for example

    I beleive custom would be to enable a custom scripts or mods folder which we dont get on console yet - I may be wrong though as the info is scarce