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    I have 2 servers not listing. Both show up in the server configuration as started. Restored to backups before the update and still they don't show up.

    Tried calling support but get a message they are busy and then it hangs up on me. Sent a ticket for each server and no reply.

    This is still a big problem and not fixed like your reporting. You say to contact support but they never reply. I call the phone number and your support just says they have to send it teir 2. 4 days now and still no reply. The server randomly crashing or self restarting or memory issues have been happening since launch. Maybe you guys should of worked out the bugs with WC before launching the genesis servers in the first place. Hope their will be some type of credit or compensation for console servers when this finally gets fixed because unfortunately us xb1 users have no where else to go. Must be nice for nitrado to take money and deliver halftime servers.