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    Is there anyway to make the back up sooner? As I getting almost 2 to 3 hours in-between saves, and that's alot of time to pass for a back up

    No way to give exact date. They eventually overwrite each other over time. No way to save them forever and that is due to the Devs of the consoles not opening up FTP. Then you would be able to grab a copy of them. You should be fine for a few weeks. If you change the map, the old map will remain for a while. But what happens when you change the map, the ARK profile now becomes a single file with 2 profiles. That is the larger picture. It can become corrupted, and if that happens you are out of luck for both maps. It doesnt happen often but it does. Those that play ark know this very well. Sorry I didnt have a better answer.

    You can pretty much only make copies of the ini files, and not the game.

    Okay thank you I figured as much. May just tell people to use the 2nd map as just a place to gather stuff or kill bosses ext so nothings lost

    Just wondering how long back ups for Maps are kept and if there is a way to permanently keep them without them being deleted. Reason I'm asking is because I have two servers and I switch out ones map to what we need for the week or day .

    for some reason on my server I'm not getting a rider imprint bonus while on the dino I have had DisableImprintDinoBuff set to False and it still isn't working right so I set it to true to see maybe False was wrong and still not getting the buff while riding