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    So after awhile i got the game stable and have been able to play and have about 20ish hours and i have a few questions. Firstly i just survived the day 14 horde just and used all my ammo around 700 bullets so does anyone have any tips for the hordes i want to fight them and not hide from them.

    Second questions is that I made my base next to a river for easy water and not so far from a village ive been looting but there is a small church all by it self in a forest and was thinking of making that a home base and moving my crafting and storage there so would that be a good idea or the other way around.

    lastly mines in houses are annoying and kill me a lot I read they spawn in the wastland but im not in one and i never spot them like one time i got in a building though the roof as it had ladder to moved to like two feet and died to one how do i spot them or is there a way to avoid them, thanks for help in advance.