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    last problem of the day :D

    i can connect but it seems to be stuck in loading screen.

    i copied the end of the log if its in there great if not i can copie/screenshot more :D


    Now it shows me a Fault Message.

    Exception code: 0000DEAD at B6934048

    Version 1.90.145471

    Fault time: 2019/04/18 02:25:49

    Fault address: B6934048 00:B6934048 Unknown module



    Prev. code bytes: E8 07 91 04 00 48 8D 4C 24 20 FF 15 E0 41 11 00

    Fault code bytes: 48 8B 8C 24 C0 00 00 00 48 33 CC E8 98 56 04 00


    note: Minidump has been generated into the file config\arma3server_x64_2019-04-18_02-24-23.mdmp

    Hello :)

    I am not able to upload the ACE3 mod onto the Server since its telling me the file is to big.

    I am not able to get the Mission Antistasi to start.

    I have some experience modding an ARK server but i am a little bit overwhelmed by the Diffrences and most Guides i could find seem to be outdated or dont have this Problem ( mainly referring to the first) at all.

    Any help is welcome thank you very much in advance :)

    If someone wants to contact me via Discord to help with Screenshare or something (since im really swamped :P)

    feel free to contact me eRazed Aconite#7421