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    Considering iv lost over 400 players in 4 days due to 24/7 crashing, roll backs, servers being unplayable for hours at a time and or, servers crashing and shutting down all night. I really don't think i have a community anymore considering i had 660 total players but i guess that's just an irrelevant number at this point.


    IcedCluster I see you've already created tickets and waiting for an answer us mods unfortunately do not have access to your servers or accounts. Ill be sure to forward this thread to them. I know this might be the answer you are looking for right at this moment.

    I also understand you and your community's frustration with the ddos attacks. Have you tried to call during the open phone hours or reaching out via Skype to support?

    I have called 2 times alone today, and in the past week a dozen times+, nothing ever happens they move my machine and it fixes for 15minutes till the ddoser get the new IP. And it repeats the same process and im getting sick of it.

    Nitrados DDoS protection... does it even exist? I run a community of 11 nitrado servers, with a total slot count of 660, these servers have filled for months and continue to fill but suffer because lack of ddos protection on the hosting end meaning nitrado themselves.

    My community and many others suffer greatly due to our success and popularity on this game as unofficial servers, i have seen many servers fall because of ddosing and mine is not far off.

    ARK ddosing has been in the game since the start, and nothing is still yet to be done, i have seen no mitigation to counter ddoses on my cluster ever and iv been with nitrado for over 6 months, and have always had multiple servers and running hundreds of players. I have made half a dozen tickets in the last week alone about ddos attack reports and needing help and even offering money to be added to any form of high mitigation servers, and i'm still yet to get anything back or have anything done about..

    I have posted screenshots below of evidence of clear ddos/dos attacks, i also have a discord which has 7.2k members and iv been around this long enough to know a ddos from some dino lag or harvesting. I have also had 2 or 3 machine transfers across all 11 servers i own and the issue is still happening which proves it isn't the players.

    My community discord;, please join yourself and check the channel server issues and you can see proof yourself of how often servers are being shutdown for hours at a time.

    I have attached photos below showing half my cluster being ddosed within less than a 2 hour span in one singular screenshot (keep in mind this is only today, i'm not showing pictures from any date other than today 5/4)