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    Thank you for this.
    I have been trying to figure this one out for some time!

    Once you are in the game. Log in as an admin. You can find the button to log in as an admin on the same page as the farms or the farm management page.
    Once you are logged into the game as admin you can hit escape and go to the "Game settings" menu. Here you will find all the options you are asking about.

    I am setting up a new server.
    Uploaded all the mods through the FPT.

    Everything is fine, but when I go to the mods page to activate mods there is no mods displayed.

    So now I have to upload the mods through the web interface to get them to show up under mods, so I can activate them on the server.
    Does this mean there is no point to the FPT access or is there some trick to get uploaded mods to be displayed so I can activate them on the server:?:

    I have tried to refresh the page displaying mods, as well as restarting the server without success.