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    Try this if you haven't. NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="carno_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="carno_character_bp_aberrant_c")


    PS. Can you explain how you did the rockdrakes drops? Thanks

    I will try this again. I had done this before doing any edits to the base spawners and it seemed to just prevent the "fromclassname" dino from spawning at all and didnt replace it with anything. However maybe it will work now that i have added in the aberrant spawner to the base spawn list.


    He basically did this and did an override on what the specific dino drops. Only thing is they usually only drop level 1 eggs that will disappear instantly due to having no health when dropped on the ground

    Yeah its unfortunate that's how it works. Have not played around with it to much to try and figure out if its possible to change it. But Im just going to have people collect the eggs and then I will admin them a rockdrake when they drop the egg if all else fails. XD

    Thanks for the reply however this issue is not with the RockDrakes or Basalisks... I got them spawning in fine and have the Rockdrakes droping fertilized eggs when you kill them.

    The issue is with Carnos and Raptors. They are spawning in the map but as the normal variant. I have removed all the base spawners for creatures that have aberrant variants and replaced them with an aberrant spawner. All other dinos like the spino stego trike ext only spawn as their aberrant variants just fine but for some reason there are issues with the carnos and raptors.

    Hello everyone! I'm sure this gets asked a lot around here so i apologize but i'm at my wits end. :/ I have used beacon to to help create new spawn entries for most of the Ragnarok map. I'm adding in aberrant and some of the dinos from other maps such as the basalisk and rockdrake.

    Alot of it is working but for some reason i'm not seeing any of the carnos or raptors as aberrant, and cant seem to find any issue with my sytntax. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have attached the spawners I have created in a text document