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    "Hello, first! I would like to say that I do not speak English, so I am using a translator, I apologize for the grammatical errors at the moment.

    So, let's get to the point!

    Recently, I got a server (incorrectly created) and I'm having trouble adding the administrators to my server (in-game). I came to see the Nitro Wiki, and in the wiki shows how to add the administrators in the game, the problem, I followed the step by step all right, but in my server control panel does not have this configuration, as shown in the wiki, as you can see here !!


    Navigate to Nitrado's web interface

    Go to "Settings> General

    Scroll down to the "Player" section

    Here you can check the respective area to put the user in the permissions list

    Therefore, in this player setup session, you don't have these options shown in the Wiki images.

    So humbly ask your help with this question!?!?

    Since thank you.