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    Good Evening All....

    I am yet again, unable to locate and or access my unofficial or any unofficial server from either of my Xbox consoles. I am really growing tired of this game/platform. Everyday, there is some kind of problem. It's either, Nitrado or Wildcard. And what makes it worse, neither side is ever willing to admit they are the problem. Has anyone experienced this issue yesterday or today?

    I'm at wits end... I can join through someone else, but accessing servers any other way is impossible. I'm currently research NAT settings to see if this could be the root cause.:cursing::cursing::cursing:


    I want wild dinos to gain no more than 50 levels immediately after initially being tamed and then no more than 71 levels after (utilizing leveling points).

    I'm also having a problem preventing leveling points from being applied to dinos I've hatched until they are mature. Is there a way to set parameters like this as well!

    I'm stumped. Note: I generated my own coding when I first started out and currently use beacon to assist. I just cant figure out how to limit stats in this manner!

    I know providing this kind of info isnt anyone's responsibility but after two weeks of research, I'm lost lol! Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Morning Guys!

    So I have been experiencing an issue with two things!

    1. I've modified the crafting costs for about 50 items. I save the changes and continue with business as usual! When the server is restarted, a space is placed beside each comma between the resources required to make each item. When this happens, it creates a coding problem! Does anyone know why it's doing this. The only items affected by this issue are the ones that require more than one resource to craft them!

    2. I noticed about a week ago that I no longer have the ability to send out a server restart notification message. I can placed the text in the box, but message is displayed in game! Any ideas lol?


    Good Morning All!

    I was wondering if anyone had an example of the admin code that would limit how many times players can craft an item from a blueprint!

    I can spawn into the game per request, a blue print or item specifically, but what I don't know as of yet is how to limit the number of times the specialty blue print can be utilized!

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated!


    Good Morning All!

    New Cluster here! I have finally finished weeks of coding and beta testing and I now want to wipe everything but the hard worked coding! I'd like if possible to delete player profiles, buildings, dinos (tamed and wild), etc without losing ALL of the coding I've worked so hard to create!

    Could someone explain with detail what "Saved with New Game" and Wipe with Saved Folder" mean!

    Thank you very much!

    *** Also, could someone tell me where I can find Player IDs.**

    Update. I believe I have found an answer to this question as well! Let this serve as a potential answer for anyone that seeks to mod their server!

    I can upload a player base line stat multiplier in one of two modes that will lead to an increase in base stats from Day 1 and then increase the player level stat multiplier to raise the percentages of increase when applying XP Points leveling up!

    You can purchase and set-up an XBOX Server through your PC if you can not connect via your XBOX. Go to the Microsoft Store for Windows and download the Nitrado App. It's free and a fast download. Add a shortcut to the toolbar or start menu for quick access. Purchase server and the access from PC or XBOX. Hope this helps. I'm new to Server operations altogether!

    Thanks for your responses guys! Whether they immediately solve problems or give me a direction to go, they are all a huge help.

    I opted to restore my server to Day 1 and start over! Something I did had to of led to the issues. More and more issues populated over a two day period. After restoring the server to Day 1 and making my adjustments all over, all issues disappeared!

    I am now currently researching how to adjust coding to adjust the base line stats for all new players before EXP Points are placed in their categories to raise the stats even more!

    A little more work and this sucker will go live with more to come!

    Ark. Every time I log off I return to a 30 minute respawn timer! When I first starting setting up the server, I could die as many times as needed to work through preferences or log onto the game, leave and then back on multiple times per day! Recently this respawn timer popped up and I'm getting frustrated lol!

    Good Evening All...

    So I have spent the better part of a week and a half of my evenings and open weekend time fine tuning my server. Once I get it up and running in the manner I want, I will mass produce the settings when additional maps are added. At no time during the many adjustments and server restarts had I been required to wait for any period of time before respawning. The last few attempts to log on, I was greeted by an automatic 30 minute timer before I could respawn. It makes no difference if I die or simply make an adjustment to server settings, I am now greeted with the same mandatory 30 minute respawn timer. I have gone through every bit of the accessible code and I can not find any coding related to pvp respawn time. Have I adjusted something I shouldn't have. I have researched the issue online and the responses available are really vague or it would appear there is potentially a bug that is causing the issue. I don't mind a small timer if I died raiding a base 20 times in a row, but having to wait 30 mins to respawn everytime I make a server adjustment or die is obsessive. Your guidance would truly be appreciated.

    The Awakening...

    Ok. So I cancelled my PC Server utilizing their telephone assistance line, downloaded the XBox App through the Microsoft Store and then purchased the XBox Server. I set the new server up again. I still can't locate my server through my XBox... lol

    I read that blurb and it totally went over my brain housing group... That's what I get for not researching the issue completely. I am running the server (accessing control panel) from the PC. I'll be playing ARK from one of our Xbox Consoles.

    Ok. So I will download the app and I am assuming I need to put in a ticket to switch server type....

    Good Afternoon All....

    First timer here... I apologize for the ignorance lol...

    I own an xbox. I was going to access the server through my PC. I set up an ARK PC Server. I can not locate it on my XBOX. Is this because I chose the wrong server type. Could someone explain to me how I need to set this up to control server from my PC, access the server through my XBOX and allow for cross platform playing if possible....?(?(


    The Awakening