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    Since the last update transfering maps causes blue screens. We have had 1 case where someone lost his character: the character is still in the download folder, but as soon as he tries to spawn in he gets back to the create a new character menu.

    Not sure wether to advice my community to not transfer altogether or to minimize transfering to other maps. Is there more info about this issue and can we expect a fix from nitrado or is this a wildcard issue?

    Could I maybe suggest Nitrado to invest in developing an option to shut down offline breeding? This problem has been around for a long time and will permanently solve future problems with mass breeding.

    As a player and owner of a cluster I don’t see any reason why people would like to offline breed dinos. This gives server owners the option wether they want to allow it or not.

    Since you guys have been amazing and have listened to my advices before, I figured to put this option here as well.

    So basically you know as much as us. ):

    Seems like you guys on nitrado need to make a hard decision pretty quick:

    1: make every ps4 server automatically rollback to before the launch of the update

    2: everyone has to manually rollback their servers

    I’m just curious about the assessment of the nitrado team about the issue. How much will it affect the gameplay to not do a rollback.

    Just getting it known. So far I have two survivors in my cluster that have lost their character. Heres what happened:

    They tried to join their server, got straight to the create new survivor option, when trying to download survivor it kicks them back and says timed out and lost connection.

    Hope there’s a fix for this soon and people can get acces to their character again!

    The setting thats important for this issue is the mating multiplier. For our cluster its temporarily set on 0.08. This makes dinos mate every 3 hours (average), this will basically slow down mating enough to do a daily visit at 50/50 and wipe out all the troublemakers.

    Make sure you restart the server after you’ve changed the setting, this will activate the new setting.

    Happy to help, not only do eggs get teleported there, also babys from dinos that don’t lay eggs. For example: daeodons, thylas etc.

    We’ve been quit busy with this since we have discovered this bug a few hours after the update. I’ll post some more findings here to help you guys out:

    fix 1: temporarily increase the mating intervals.

    Decreases the rate of progress with massbreeding by a lot, this makes it easier to manage it.

    fix 2: Build a wall around 50/50 and spawn agressive dinos in there like raptors or rexes.

    When eggs are hatching or babies spawn in they will get killed by the wild dinos. Preventing massbreeds. Warning: Wild dinos will despawn after a certain amount of time, make sure you refresh the despawned wild dinos.

    Fix 3: Locate all dinos that are offline breeding and stop them from doing so.

    Fix 4: increase the dino hunger.

    This will cause babies to die before they fully grow up, however, this is highly dependent on your server settings. And you might be temporarily unable to raise gigas.

    I would highly recommend to temporarily increase the mating intervals, since our cluster did this fix it drastically decreased our problems.

    Massbreeds are best fixed this way:

    cheat gmsummon “argent_character_bp_c” 1

    Unclaim the argentavis

    Look at the argentavis and then type:

    Cheat destroytribedinos

    Alll unclaimed dinos will be destroyed. No need to manually kill the massbreeding dinos or having to be anywhere near them. Trust me, we have handled quite a few massbreeding situations in our cluster.

    After you did cheat destroytribedinos, go to the location and fix the breeding problem (original breeding pair that started the massbreed) and if said dino mates and lays eggs. You need to manually pick up all the eggs from the massbreed.

    Our cluster had to temporarily put mating interval timers a whole lot higher due to all offline breeding eggs and dinos getting teleported to 50/50 and causing massbreeds of epic proportions.

    We are wondering when we can expect a fix, so our community can play the game again on the settings as our servers have intended.

    Increase/decrease of slots causes a big rollback. This also applies for upgrading/degrading the hardware performance.
    Best is to keep an eye on the half hour backups. As soon as there's a new one available do your upgrades/downgrades for the server and after it fully installed you use that backup for minimum loss.

    I guess it's very busy on nitrado when it comes to issues. I've put in a ticket but waiting for a reply for quite some time now for a matter that's affecting a lot of people. I have not seen this issue here on the forums yet so here is my input:

    Since today I got multiple reports from people that are unable to transfer. I
    have tried a few ways to fix this bug myself but I couldn't find a solution.

    Here is what happens:
    Person tries to transfer from map A to map B. If they arrive in map B they can select a bed or spawnpoint for their character. As soon as they hit respawn the screen freezes and goes to create a new character. Their current character is not in the download list of the joined server. When they go back to the main menu and go back to the map they originally came from, they can find their character in the download character list.

    Our Ragnarok server keeps kicking people out. This is the 4th time this has happened in the last 5 hours.

    The crashlog reports this:

    LowLevelFatalError [File:E:\build\Consoles\PS4Live547\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\GenericPlatform\GenericPlatformMemory.cpp] [Line: 151]

    wiping out all wild dino's seems to fix it for a while. But rather sooner than later this problem happens again.

    Awaiting for a fix.