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    Brand new server, I have tried reinstalling empyrion still can't load it.

    I have a ticket in but no response yet. Getting frustrated...... server will not load any planets. I have tried several.

    18-16:30:09.654 11_30 -LOG- Player CId=1, EId=-1, /=/'Hobbit' chose 'Tarskel' as start planet

    18-16:30:09.658 11_30 -LOG- Player CId=1, EId=-1, /=/'Hobbit' connecting now to playfield 'Tarskel'

    18-16:30:09.662 11_30 -LOG- No server with playfield Tarskel available at the moment, will try loading soon...

    18-16:30:09.702 11_30 -LOG- Requesting pf server with PID 301900 to load playfield Tarskel

    18-16:30:16.118 11_30 -LOG- Started process 'EmpyrionPlayfieldServer.exe' (PID 325732) with args: -batchmode -nographics -logFile ../Logs/2763/Playfield_200118-113015-79.log

    18-16:30:29.808 11_30 -WRN- Killing pf server (PID 301900) that timed out while loading playfield 'Tarskel' (fail count: 1)

    18-16:30:29.814 11_30 -LOG- Killed process with PID 301900

    Play field will not load Help