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    Here is a sample coding and what I use for my custom buildings for my xbox server and have had no issues with the rotation after following these instructions. Hope this helps. Got this from a great coder on discord named Bhaalshad.

    1. <event name="StaticBuilding1>
    2. <pos x="11955.0" z="12550.0" a="113.000000" />
    3. </event>
    4. In the pos line you see three coordinates. X,Z,and A
    5. The X & Z coordinates can be obtained from programs like iZurvive
    6. The A coordinate is for rotation. This works on a 0-360. It is a good practice to have 6 digits after the decimal point to avoid the building from randomly rotating on restarts.

    I would be interested in seeing if you get this fixed as I have done so many reinstalls and reset xmls and my Cherno map still will not spawn anything at all. But yet Livonia spits out so much loot for me right now. Have a great evening everyone.

    Hello all, I have tried so many different ways to change the color of the server messages but with no luck. Is it possible to change the color? The red is so hard to read its not even worth having messages scrolling with that color. Thanks and have a great day everyone.