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    Ok so I was building a server hub on Freeport island and the decay timer was running out so I changed “PVP structure decay” to off and when I restarted and logged back in everything was destroyed (8ish hours of building!) which was...upsetting. I have 2 questions.

    1. what settings do I change to get a 3 or 4 day decay timer with structures on Freeport island? I just don’t want people to have the option to demolish....or the game to tear down my work again.

    2. I checked backups and since I switched my server over from ark to atlas today I don’t think it had saved the server at any point but I could be wrong, at least it doesn’t list any atlas server backups in my backup tab. Is there a way to restore what I had built? I’ve stopped the server so if it was periodically saving it should all still be up in the last save file.

    well what im looking for is the ability to gain access to the levels without having to beat the bosses. Since it is something similar to a no tame server Id like to gain access to the levels through standard means, ill just be beefing up the xp required for each level past 100 so progression continues.




    that's a sample line from mine, it works. But the easiest thing to do is go to and youll find a tool to check off engrams you want disabled. Just copy n paste the generated code. It works

    So ive been trying to set the player level cap to 150. It appears to me Ive done everything right but when I test it Im still capped at 115. Does anyone see the problem? I must be missing a line of code to raise the cap somehow???

    EDIT: it wont let me show the full thing so ive trimmed it down to a sample. The OverrideMaxExperiencePointsPlayer=14334545 is equal to what level 150 is set to as far as experience


    ; [ max. XP Player ]


    ; [ Experience Points Player ]


    ; [ Engram Points Player ]

    ; [ Lvl 2 ]


    ; [ Lvl 3 ]


    ; [ Lvl 4 ]


    ; [ Lvl 5 ]


    ; [ Lvl 6 ]


    ; [ Lvl 7 ]


    The thread name says it all. Its really weird because yesterday I spent all day programming my server and was just trying to get 1 last thing working and it seems like things changed in my files (odd lines added I hadn't seen before and some missing) such as there no longer being a line for setting my motd or its duration, no ability to set an admin password. after a lot of frustration I just reinstalled the server and wiped everything and I still cant do these things and NOW it doesn't start up.

    edit: it starts in my browser but when I go to my xbox I cant find its "address"