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    Does anyone have a Atlas map that actually works. Cause if you do I would love to know your settings. I've tried .jpg and .png, I've tried combinations of both nothing works all we get is a blank map. If I go to my configure atlas on the web interface the images show correctly but all we get is a blank map in game. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks. For further info i play on Steam and my buddies play on Xbox and it doesn't work on either platform.

    Has anyone's Xbox server updated yet? Debating on whether or not to try and reinstall server to see if that works but that usually doesn't go as expected and I tend to lose all my data.

    Does anyone know why the New York servers are currently unavailable for purchase. I'm guessing its cause they're full right now just didn't know if there was another reason. Would really like to get another server added to my cluster but there's a 30ms difference in latency between Miami and New York. Thanks

    Im having the same problem i wish someone could figure this out. I'm playing on steam but all my buddy's play on Xbox so I need to have a Xbox Atlas server which only gives you like a 1/4 of the customization that Ark does which I don't understand why you can access the ini with Ark but cant with Atlas when its literally the same exact code. I added my .json which i got to take using notepad++ and i uploaded it to the server but it still doesn't recognize the LevelExpericeRampOverrides, OverrideMaxExperiencePointsPlayer, or OverriddePlayerLevelEngramPoints. All the per level stat multipliers work.

    Hi, I've had other nitrado servers for different games and they all worked fine but this Atlas one is a real pain. I play on steam but all my buddy's in my company play on xbox. First question, Is there any way for the xbox players that are on my server to be able to go to other grids without me and still have a password on the server so every jo smo cant join and grief us. I've tried setting the other regions to home server and setting up spawn points and everything but nothing works when they try to sail threw it freezes there game and when the log off in another grid they cant join cause it says the password is invalid. Second question, I cant seem to get OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints to work i put it in the json pulled from the server editor in the first Overridegameinisettings you come to I think its like line 17 in notepad ++. Is that not the right place to put it? Last question so i deleted all 4 freeports and added just 1 and set spawn point to spawn there but it never spawns there it only spawns on an island in the middle of the map that has -1 for spawn point which shouldn't allow a spawn there. Am I missing something because I have the spawn region to 0,0 and I have the freeport I added set to 0? If anyone could answer these it would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Hi all,

    Im trying to host a Microsoft server so i can play on PC and my son and his friends can play on there Xbox's, but when i go to order a new a server there is 2 different versions a PC version and Xbox version. Which server should i pick for the way i want to play. Thanks