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    Rattacus Im having the same problem with the trucks too did u fix it if so how

    Please help im trying to set vechiles to spawn in fully built with items in but there spawning in with nothing on them ie no wheels doors etc how can i fix this I've done two vechile restarts and it's not working I've gone in the cfgspawnable types folder and switched it to 1.00 it's still not working how can I fix this

    My files are fine no errors cars helis spawning in so how come not one 1 truck in 12 locations no truck's are spawning how do i fix it

    Im having problems with my server cars not spawning in fully built and trucks are not spawning in fully built finding food is difficult even though its been turned up zombies have no loot on them at all any suggestions on how to fix it

    I modified some of the files and food isnt spawning in properly i found 1 tin in 2 towns and cars arnt spawning in fully built trucks are spawning fully built they spawn in on there roofs please help how do i fix the problem basically hardly anything is spawning :(l

    Everytime i shut my server down i wait about ten minutes before editing my expert settings when i save it it says its saved but when i go back into the file its not there how can I fix this so it saves and stays on my files

    Hi im trying to add berry bush seeds to the larger dinos on my ark server to use as currency does anyone know how i can do this i have beacon but im not sure how to fully use this is there a code i can put in my game. Ini file:?:

    Rondeau04 yes its on expert mode and also is it 8 i have to putnext to itemstacksizemultiplier or do i put 1000 next to this as i dont know how to figure this one out

    So ive been trying to sort out stacking size to 1000 ive put 10 into the itemstacksizemultiplier but all the stack are stuck on 100 so im really confused about what ive done wrong and i cant figure it out so how do you get stacks of 1000 please help any amount of advice would be appreciated thank you :?:

    So ive just built a skydiving skyscraper with jump pads on the top so people can parachute off but i cant seem to unlock the jump pads how can i do this is there a code or something please help and i was wondering if there is any command to force unlock the jump pads as at the moment only my admin tribe can use the jump pads that are on top of the skydiving skyscraper :?: