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    1. Stop the server

    2. on the left hand side find the link to the Config Files

    3. Load the dedicated.yaml file

    4. Find the config line named Srv_Password:

    5. Add your password after the colon

    6. Save the file

    7. Load one of the other config files

    8. Reload the dedicated.yaml file and make sure your change saved

    9. Restart the server

    10. Test to see if you are prompted for a login the next time you connect to your server

    [Note: After successfully logging into a server for the first time, Empyrion will remember the server password and not require you to enter each time you connect. It will only require a new login if the server password is changed]

    So I've been informed from an Eleon employee that the TimeoutBootingPfServer setting is actually in seconds and not milliseconds. So the default 180 should be three minutes of potential load time, which in game the load only takes about 5 seconds tops to load, but ONLY if I up the setting to greater than 1000. So not sure what's going on Nitrado, but this setting does seem to have an impact, but at the time lengths being discussed I don't see any good reason it should.

    So I've wasted over a week banging my head against a combination of problems that is making my Empyrion server unplayable pass the starting world. Any time me or my players attempt to warp to another (usually a new playfield) I get the loading screen and then no warp occurs and we are stuck in the system we were in (with the pentaxid cost eaten just to add insult to injury).

    It took me a couple evenings sifting through the config files and various Empyrion forums until I stumbled upon a setting in the dedicated.yaml file called TimeoutBootingPfServer which in the default Nitrado setting is set to 180 (I'm assuming that's in milliseconds). I was able to fix the warping problem reliably by upping that value to 2000, and semi-reliably by upping it to 999. The fact that I changed it twice however is where the second problem I'm having with Nitrado comes in.

    It appears that each nightly reset is resetting my config file parameters and the value for TimeoutBootingPfServer is getting put back to 180. It appears that 180ms is not enough time for the playfield servers to activate properly, especially if it's generating a newly visited playfield for the first time.

    SOLUTION: Stop overwriting my config file changes for one thing. I make changes in that file to set the type of play experience *I* want to have on *my* server. Having a button that reloads default config files would be nice in the event someone messes one up, but Nitrado should never unilaterally make changes to my config file.

    Second, change the setting TimeoutBootingPfServer to 2000 for reliable playfield loading times. 180ms is DAMN fast, even for computers, especially if they are generating fairly complex worlds, the space around those worlds, asteroids in that space, the moons around those worlds and the POIs that populate the whole mess. Give the computer 2 seconds would ya. Those hampsters can only run so fast afterall.

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    So did a little reading and testing as it related to the Structures Plus mod that is having the problem on my server. Others report what folks are already saying, that updating your server to the latest 304.44 version seems to resolve the issue.

    As for a little further testing I loaded up a single player local game, and was able to use the S+ mod without issue, so I do not think the mod is broken, but rather something about the latest patches caused an issue. As for Nitrado updating their version, I did see an earlier notice that Nitrado can take between 1 to 4 hours to catch versions up. So it may be a night for another game, or catching up some binge watching.