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    woke up this morning about an hr ago and had my discord spammed with people crying about the stupid error. 2nd time it has happened and now I lost half of my player base, BIG THANKS. anyways I restarted the server and half can join, I MYSELF CANNOT JOIN. so what is the fix and is it an issue everyone else is dealing with today.

    Nitrado isn't at fault. they are at the mercy of WC and their updating scheme with win10 and xbox platform. they have yet to get it right to getting them to have sync'd updates. My win10 version has received an update but my xbox version hast gotten an update.

    No added code for spawning or for Dino's. My wyvern and their nests spawn fine. Thanks for the response.
    Also I looked on WC forums about anything on rock drakes and search function only brings up old posts from 2017 and 2018. Nothing recent has been said.

    So obviously I run an Xbox server on Valguero. Having issues with no rock drakes or their nest spawning. I even wiped all wild Dino's and restarted the server. Thanks.