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    type showmyadminmanager while in enablecheats mode and it will give you full details on each player

    Correct, for online players. I manage more than 15 ark servers, having to wait for somebody that I need to ban to come online so I can see their gamertag is NOT ideal. I am sometimes forced to make a ban based on survivor names inwhich I need to find out what their gamertags are to make the BAN. Having the logs in the NITRADO DASHBOARD provide both survivor name and gamertags would be perfect.

    Please add a way for our logs to display BOTH gamertags and players ingame name attached to the gamertag, I cant make a ban when the logs only shows the ingame name...... I have to wait for the user to be online for me to figure out their gamertag for me to make a ban. AND PLEASE ADD A WAY TO BAN SAID USER ON ALL SERVERS ON THE SAME CLUSTER..... seriously annoying having to ban the same person on a different map, they can just join with a new gamertag and i will never know its them........ why is this even a thing.

    I am aware that it isnt available which is why it is posted in the Suggestions and wishes for Nitrado section of the forums. Its should be super simple to implement and less time consuming for people like us who have over 15 servers to look over. If we can change languages, we should be able to change our timezones so we can get an easier time reference in our logs and savefiles. With that said, BUMP!

    Since tlc3 update, my custom boss drops are no longer dropping, its instead giving official boss drop loot with the boosted element. How do I fix?

    EDIT: NVM i see that the filepaths are different for air drops and bosses T.T

    whoa, those are huge numbers for the weight and limit. that may be the reason for it.



    SpawnWeightMultiplier=2 ; this essentially changes the chance the tropeo will be selected to fill in the dino slot when a dino dies.
    SpawnLimitPercentage=5 ; this essentially changes the % of tropeos can be on the whole map at once out of the whole wild dino cap. So if 5% of tropeo exists out of the whole dino limit on the map, no more will spawn.

    But settings in ark isnt so simple, if they are to high they may not spawn or they may affect other dino spawns, for example, you may not see any spinos or tusos when adding a new dino to the map or when increasing an existing dino spawn rate.

    Most Updated Rules and Server Info will be on our Discord Server: Discord

    [Server Info]

    10x Exp - 5x Harvest - 15x Taming - 10x Item Stack

    Maps: Valguero, Ragnarok, The Center, Extinction, Island, Aberration

    10 slot Genesis server opens every weekend

    Starter Kits

    Custom Air Drops

    Custom Boss Drops

    Custom Beaver Dams

    Custom Semi-Easy Craft

    Titanosaur Disabled

    Titans on Extinction are not tameable

    8 man tribe - No Alliance

    Max Player lvl 300

    Max Wild Dino lvl 330

    All Tek Engrams auto unlock at lvl 155

    Bloodstalkers and Reapers spawn on Valguero

    Snow Owls spawn on Ragnarok

    Manas spawn on Center

    Megachelon spawn on the Island


    What.....this doesn't even correlate to what I am asking for. Seriously whats the point of having the forums for if you guys just redirect to a post that isnt relevant to most people questions or just to redirect people to call or to submit a ticket.....Need an actual nitrado rep on here, not everyone can be available during the available call time. And i mean this with no disrespect Im just a little agitated with how things are being ran here, the ONLY server provider for consoles..... we need more than just being ignored.

    Nitrado needs to give more info on upcoming updates. All my servers restart to do some update with a 60 sec timer. Don't even know what the update is for. Perhaps to fix the connectivity issues?? I pay a lot of money to Nitrado to host my servers. Show me some respect and transparency on the updates before the update. This way I can let the people on my server know ahead of time. Don't be like Wildcard. Should be a subscribe to upcoming updates option.


    literally 0 real responses on this issue.