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    first the server was working when i installed a pack that is available and the server crashed or failed to sign in to the server then i tried the forge that i downloaded and uploaded it to the server then tried to get my custom pack to work and the server wont start no matter what i do then i tried a provided mod pack like sky factory i would be able to get in and i just have to move and boom server shuts it self down i dont know what i did in settings or any thing that would cause this i am stumped completely stumped and i dont know what to do any more with this server

    i tried i am getting to the point ware i want a refund and try with a different provider if some one can access the server to fix what ever is going on with it the happier i would be but i have not been able to use it not once my ark server is working great but this its not

    i have tryed different methods still will not work i have tested to see if its how i get mods uploaded to the server files its all the same from useing the options login for the filezilla and the other one same thing makes very little difference

    so i install forge on the server then my mods it did not work properly so i looked in the nitrado wiki so i downloaded forge and installed a server from that to get a pc server so i had the necessary files on to the server with the mods and still will not work all i want to is get working on this server as well having problems of getting custom mod packs to work with server if any one has a idea to make it work or some one from nitrado can give me a hand that would be awesome:thumbup: