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    It seems like the whitelist and ban list has been moved to the xml file section.

    Can i ask why? And also what are meant to do to allow non account holders to whitelist before it was a kill feed bot that did it but they cant either. The last few days since the new days update has been the worse ive seen since Private servers came out. I own and run 4 servers all are kinda pointless due the update 1.11 and also now the re layout of the account.

    Apart from that hope all is well



    Sorry the game is Dayz both servers, this happened after the servers were shut down by Nitrado yesterday to correct a bug or somethin and since then ive had to keep forced stops after the servers show them in a server restart but the servers are still running until im asked to do a force stop, i then restart the servers which works fine for a few hours but then have to force servers to stop, im new to all the server setups so again any help would be great, thanks