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    How does each parameter affect? Can I improve performance with one? ECONOMY


    <default name="dyn_radius" value="30" />

    <default name="dyn_smin" value="0" />

    <default name="dyn_smax" value="0" />

    <default name="dyn_dmin" value="1" />

    <default name="dyn_dmax" value="5" />

    <default name="log_ce_loop" value="false"/>

    <default name="log_ce_dynamicevent" value="false"/>

    <default name="log_ce_vehicle" value="false"/>

    <default name="log_ce_lootspawn" value="false"/>

    <default name="log_ce_lootcleanup" value="false"/>

    <default name="log_ce_lootrespawn" value="false"/>

    <default name="log_ce_statistics" value="false"/>

    <default name="log_ce_zombie" value="false"/>

    <default name="log_storageinfo" value="false"/>

    <default name="log_hivewarning" value="true"/>

    <default name="log_missionfilewarning" value="true"/>

    <default name="save_events_startup" value="true"/>

    <default name="save_types_startup" value="true"/>




    We have a server with a large influx of players and the performance is poor when it passes the 60 connected and I have the following questions;

    How can you improve performance and lower lag?

    Without wipe the server
    Without changing your loot settings which is already fair. we lower persistence of burials drums fire and other storages
    Without lowering animals and without removing zombies
    just keep log records

    where could I touch up shadows, distance of textures etc ... or some other idea?

    Many players who are not close to the region where the server is staying connect, this worsens the overall performance? Thank you very much if someone who controls can evharnos a cable we are more than 240 in discord and little by little the number of people connected by poor performance decreases in the busiest hours the rest of the time is perfect.