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    So while hosting off of nitrado ark servers there's a chance you will encounter a glitch where it says no players can join (as I have). After having this happen to me several times and hours of trouble shooting including two calls I have developed fixes for you unlucky few.

    fix 1. your setting up a cluster and there's different mods on them so all you have to do is make all the mods the same

    fix 2. after looking at a web page I found out sometimes the servers can crash, but still look online you will know if its like this because your server was working before and now it's not a good restart should do it

    fix 3. just wait because as I have found out sometimes it just takes the server a little to boot up. A good indication this is your problem is if you boot the server up and it shows there's no players.

    fix 4. check your logs and make sure there's no error like something is missing parenthesis if so look up how to fix that because it could be any number of things.

    If none of these fixes work respond below and I will try to help you through it:)

    all though this is listed under pc/steam it should include all versions

    nope it did for a second then I reset my server again and now the one working server I had is broke too. And for me it seems to me like the moderators dont care, that there only answer is to reinstall the server deleting everything, so until this issue is addressed I don't think I will buying anything from them

    As I have found out not many people know this but before you click on server settings there's a button on the home page that says add to server list, and when you click that you can see your server.

    Recently I bought another ark server so I could create a cluster, but for some reason it when I click add to server list it says "Failed to create server list entry. Please try again later". I was wondering if anyone else has this glitch, and if so if you know how to fix it.