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    Hey guys, I'm trying to find out if anyone knows of a way to move a server backup from xbox/windows to a new steam server?

    The reason I ask is I decided to try my hand at massive base building on my xbox/windows server, and every time I leave my base and come back I have to wait for the game to reconstruct said base. I've never had an issue like this on the steam version of the game so I'm guessing it's just yet another poor optimization on the windows version, so I'd like to switch to what I know works better without having to spend hours rebuilding my stuff.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

    So do we still need to have the enable flyers command in the expert settings or can we just check the box in the general settings menu?

    Is anyone else having trouble getting flyers to work on Windows Ark after the allow flyers command line is entered? We have a crossplay server and it's allowing the Xbox players to mount flyers but I can't from my PC. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I currently have an ARK Xbox One server and I'd like to switch it over to the Steam version without wasting my remaining subscription and buying a new one. Does anyone know if this is possible? I tried clicking game switch in the web interface, but it only gave me the option to switch to other Xbox One games. Thanks!