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    Hello everyone,

    so we've been playing liberation mod with my friends for weeks now. We have a lot of fun except that we would prefer to install mods to diversify the game.

    It's impossible for me to install "big mods", let's just say that the same error appears all the time. I've already installed small mods like BG21 FAMAS (Purple Redux) and Advanced Urban Rappelling that worked perfectly.

    The mods that don't work are : @CUPTerrainsCore; @CUPTerrainsMaps; @RHSAFRF; @RHSUSAF; @RHSUSAF; @ProjectOPFOR; @RHSGREF ( = mods required to play on the Takistan map )

    Here's my mistake: 5e09e1d6af01c

    What I've already tried to do: Completely reinstall the machine and reinstall the files given by the logs

    I'm running out of solutions that's why I'm coming to ask you, thank you and have a nice day!

    Vous pouvez aussi me répondre en français, je comprendrai !