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    I recently, 4/5/20, attempted to set up my 7 Days 2 Die server. I did everything I could, and yet when I go to find it or connect to it, I can't. I was wondering if nitrados server is running the most recent update, and how to check that. If it's not, is it possibly to manually update it? I'm currently running Alpha 18.4 (b4), and I was wondering how to see what the server is running, since it just says "Alpha"


    Hello, I hope this is the correct area to post this sort of question.

    I was curious what/when Nitrado integrates modpacks into the options to load on your server, does that make sense? In other words, I was curious if new modpacks are added based purely on popularity or is it by request - and if so, when are those usually added?

    I've had a support ticket about this and they told me I can upload my own modpack to the server, however, I've tried using the steps Nitrado provides and have failed numerous times and can't seem to get it to work - So I was curious if there was another way? Apparently the server just doesn't like me.... because it wont seem to work.