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    Well i've managed to be able to shut down my 10 ark servers.
    My 7 Days and Farm Sim 22 servers are still up for now. However I have noticed some issues occurring on the FS22 server. So those may have to be brought down as well.
    12 down servers not generating any traffic or income, and a bleak view of reimbursements for the down time.... Not good.

    10 ark servers all having the loop /login issues...

    Now one has corrupted the data, do I dare attempt a restore while the servers are all messed up.... fml

    Guess I can just shut them all down until they get their servers fixed. Refunds... hahaha yeah I know...
    In the mean time, i'll shop around a bit...

    When getting my Gen2 server it is noted that a 16 slot server is needed due to heavy load.

    What are the hardware differences between a normal 10 slot, compared to an "upgraded" 16 slot?
    And how would that compare to selecting the "more ram" option.

    There doesn't seem to be much detailed info regarding what the various "Hardware Performance-Upgrades" include.
    What do the different upgrade levels provide?


    Back on Thursday the 29th WC released Ver 315.9 Fixing and updating various issues within the Fear Evolved event.

    However all my servers are still running the old Ver 315.4
    When will we be receiving this update?

    Current Version: v315.9 - 10/29/2020

    - Increased chance of creatures being a bone or a ghost type

    - Changed scarecrows, pumpkins, gravestones to now give players a random amount between 1 and 5

    - Increased the average frequency of seeing gravestones, scarecrows, and piles by approximately 15%

    - Fixed special map overrides not working on DLC maps, such as TEK Creatures, GEN-X, etc.

    Bit of a necro sorry.

    Any tips on how to resolve this? I have a 2 day old Atlas PC server with vanilla settings that i have yet to be able to get past the "timeout" issue for anyone connecting.

    Can connect to official just fine.