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    Yeah it's getting old fast. Always a problem and always some generic political answer as it fails to get resolved for days or weeks. I work a lot throughout the week, and go figure on the weekend when I can play with my kids... the hosting has issues.

    It's hard to believe Nitrado is the official host for ARK... uptime is everything in your business guys.

    Yes, that's why I said I felt silly for not checking it sooner.. but regardless, with as many people that are having the same issue having that reminder might help. I for one never thought of it, because I never played on xbox or win 10 before, always steam so.. patches are automatic.

    It did in fact fix it! So.. that being said I strongly suggest you, NITRADO.. add this to your knowledge base pre-ticket suggestions. Since Microsoft has not implemented the ability to auto update your game client. I am not sure about the OP, but for me this problem is resolved and I am logged into my private server via PC Win 10

    I find this pretty likely lol. A couple of hours ago I discovered my version isn't up to date and when I checked manually there was an update of 51.6gb. I feel kinda silly not checking that earlier with all of the troubleshooting I have gone through.. but then again I guess I have grown pretty accustomed to the Steam way of doing things and patches automatically installing when available or at the least before a game launches.

    The update keeps stopping and does not resume on it's own.. so it is slow going, again regardless I'll update here if it fixes it.

    yes, both ways, and I have turned off the server.. unchecked, refreshed control panel, rechecked.. refreshed (to confirm the changes were saved in control panel's end) then started the server.. and same issue. I have been on the phone with support twice in the past hour and now they are attempting some hardware change. If a solution is found and I have any information to share, I will update you here for the good of others having trouble.

    They are not speaking of Cross-Ark, but crossplay between windows 10 and xbox one.. I just set up my server today and can't even join my own server though it is running, shows up in the session list and I DO have the correct settings as far as I can tell. I really need this to work... or did I just throw more money away?

    On Windows 10, NOT Steam... Set to this:


    Yet I get this:


    I rented your service directly after wasting money on another service SIMPLY because it promised I could set up a crossplay server for xbox one and Windows 10, yet my PC cannot connect.

    I need a solution.. or my money back.