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    Started my server, and nobody can find it in the server list. Tried all the settings and searching by name, and it just doesn't show up for anyone. A friend is also having the same issue, as I was unable to search for his server. Really infuriating as I have two months of rented time on the server, but only I can play it, so that money is wasted.

    Trying to update server settings via the android app, but the app is stuck in restart, and has been for 2 or 3 hours now, so I can't restart it for the setting changes to take effect.

    Same. Paid for a server just to join a friend, and now can't, because I'm on WIndows 10 version, and my friends are on Xbox version. Not impressed.

    Also seems Nitrado don't care enough to fix this as it appears to be an ongoing issue. May just request a refund and tell them to go F*** themselves.