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    As the title says is there away to adjust hunger and thirst settings?

    yes , I know it's a survival game but lets be honest here. I should not have to eat 20 things in one day to stay alive. I play on my own server with friends and all we want to do is play together and have fun. As it turns out if we are lucky enough to find one another with out dying 10 times and being spawned all over gods green earth.. we end up giving up valuable supplies to keep one of our party alive only to find out a different member is now dying of hunger .. god help you if its raining and your group can't go out in the rain at risk of increased hunger due to weather, but sitting in a house for 45 mins cause of the rain will kill us as well. It would be really nice to just adjust this a bit ... Now I know we can adjust day and night time settings .. but can we adjust the ridiculous hunger and thirst settings .. LOL no person in there right mind could eat 15 apples, a can of peaches and a bag of rice then 20 mins later drop dead because you have not eatin enough ..