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open positions @ Nitrado

    yes i understand but I am still waiting.
    Its important for me.
    Just someone check my ticket its so basic

    and i ask my hosting company.

    they say to me its nitrado problem. Nitrado prevents you from changig. İf nitrado want change they can change. Its my domain but i cant use it now
    Please can you say ticket personel?

    You already have an open support ticket.

    If you want to add further information to your existing support request, please click my support requests. Please note that sending multiple separate tickets for the same request may result in a processing delay.

    But i dont have open ticket.

    I open last ticket 06/08/18, 09:16 pm

    I push solved but i cant open new ticket

    Hello i have 1 domain . I want to change nameservers but i cant.

    When i try this system writing;
    he provided nameserver is not configured correctly, please check your configuration.

    what can i do?

    and i cant open ticket.

    pls can you chance it

    mertuyguc . com