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open positions @ Nitrado

    For everyone that issues regarding the Crossplay, Turn your complete cluster offline, Generate a new cluster ID. Save Changes. Start all servers, Once they are all started, hit Reboot on all servers and everythings fine again.

    And i dont believe nitrado has anything to do with this :( Wildcards to busy with Atlas i guess

    Yeah still not working. I cant access my server. everytime i try it it says "the host does not currently allow cross-play with your platform'


    I am sorry, that you had such a bad first time experience with our service!

    You complain about a lot of things, but nothing specific :( To make our services better, you have to give us some hints about what exactly makes you unhappy. This is the only way we can know, work on and improve it.

    How about you start with making you server work? Its been over 24 hrs and i STILL cant login to my server.