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    I edited the files via expert mode, because there are more parameters you can change then in the WebUI.

    For my fault I didn't backed up the old file... I'm stupid...

    I have changed now the settings and disabled the expert moded option. The server is still not reachable :-(

    DOAGEN thank you so much so far

    this are my inis:


    Engine.ini is empty


    It would be so nice, if anyone could find the problem. The server check function says that everthing is fine...

    Hi there,

    me and my friend decided to rent a nitrado ArkSE server.

    After the installation the server worked fine, until we have decided to change some parameters to make the game more playable for us. The server is not reachable anymore. Even when changing the port to 16 at the end.

    I think we put in some wrong characters or something like that, that we don't find anymore...

    Can someone here give me a little help with my ini files of the server?

    Is it ok to paste it in this thread or is this the wrong place?

    thank you so far