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    Im just fed up with the whole situation. Ive lost time and money to this service, i am still UNABLE to submit a support ticket after almost a month of server issues. Social media is worthless, ive spent weeks on these forums trying to get some acknowldegment of the issues, but all i get are mods telling me to submit support tickets, which for some unkonwn reason i cannot access the submit ticket option, regardless of where the problem originated from, Nitrado has a obligation to support their customers when it comes to their service. I have had ZERO support or even acknoledgement that i am having an issue. Outside of a few mods on this forum, absolutly no reponse from Nitrado themselves. the last 30 days of sever time ive paid for has gotten a few days of use after the start of this in the start of the months issues, its now down to the last 3 days till close and nothing has changed. Not exactly the loss of money im frustrated about, but that lack of careing for the customer base ( or atleast console cutomers) this company seems to be ok with. At this point even if i were given a whole 30 days of server time back as compensation, its as useful as the last 30 considering half of whats being used is unplayable at this point, and any other further progress is under threat of being wiped due to an unforseen server reset that is probably inevitable due to the length of which they are staying around and the lack of information or supprot from Nitrado. I hope everone elses issues can be figured out as painless as possible, and even more so, hopefully us as gameing consumers will one day be sold products that have pride put into thier creation, and a moral fortitude in produciton companies to deliver on their obligations.

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    Since December 9th ive been dealing with this issue and others and the server has remained unplayable the entire time. I am unable to submit a support ticket as the first few days this started the ability to on the website has been removed. I have since tried via twitter and this forum site, the only thing i have recived are replies from moderators telling me to watch social media and submit tickets. The last post on twitter was Dec 18th informing that crossplay is confirmed functioning, no message any where has acknowledged the issuses with settings and broken timers. My server is once again coming up on the end of its time, we have gotten absolutely no play time on it over the last 3 weeks and from the way this is being handled, I dont forsee it being fixed anytime soon. So essencially i am being asked to pay again for a service i cannot use under the assurance of a Forum mod and not Dev that " a fix is sure to come". Id like the month i paid for reimbursed as im sure all the other customers dealing with the same issues would like. So id appreciate some actual communication from the company that isnt a general scripted response from a moderator. I dont want your fake apology, Support tickets and communication from dev team is non existant, if this issue is being looked and/fixed why hasnt the company offically stated that in the sites im suppose to be watching, I have been activly trying to contact them about this issue for weeks now. MY feelings of lacking communication are not a fualt of my lack of effort, but on Nitrados side. Show us a concrete statement from anything Nitrado Official support and i will believe that my money hasnt been scammed.

    Still no word on any platform about these issues. and the only thread in this forum talking about it was closed by a mod. Garbage service and complete lack of customer communication or service


    I am sorry, that you had such a bad first time experience with our service!

    You complain about a lot of things, but nothing specific :( To make our services better, you have to give us some hints about what exactly makes you unhappy. This is the only way we can know, work on and improve it.

    Dear Aaron, It disturbs me as a customer to know you made time to comment on a general post about bad service and not make notice or comment on the multiple posts concerened with broken settings on your service. Since the last update and recent "fix" for said update, mine and many other's Ark servers are not functioning properly or as intended. So if you would like some specifics from a repeat customer on how your service can be improved, i would start with the obsene lack of custome support/service when issues arise. Ive tried contacting this service through the Forums, Support tickets, social media, and now a reply through an unrelated post that seems to have grabbed someones attention working for this service. Our servers have been unplayable for the last week and having to pay for server time that is unusable does not make it easy to stay calm and colected when the server hosts seem to refuse to make good on their service. I would throughly enjoy some sort of response and/or acknowledgement on obvious issues with your service as well as a fix, i dont feel that is out of line for a service I am paying for. If this attempt to reach out yet again to this company goes unnoticed, i feel my only other course of action is to file complaints to the Federal Trade Commision for malitious sales procedures.

    Hope to hear back.

    Since the update Imprint care timers are on default settings, while maturation speed matches server settings. Ive tried resetting and changing settings to see if it would change, but it doesnt. Ive seen similar post and complaints around, wondering if anyone has found a fix.