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    I have setup multiple Minecraft servers on my Cloud server and I'm trying to figure out if there's an option or a way for me to access a server console. I would like to type commands directly to the server without needing to join the server to do so. I know with Game Servers you have console access through the server gui but on the Cloud server you just have "more actions" with options to update, access config, read the log file or access the systemd file.

    I've also tried looking at your Wiki but under Cloud Servers there is little to no info on there.



    Just an update on my current situation.

    I'm still waiting for anyone from tech Support to get back in touch with me regarding the above issue.

    As of today 17/12/19 I now have 18 days left to use my cloud server.

    Maybe Nitrado will give me a nice Christmas present of a working Cloud Server and maybe reimburse me for the days that I have been unable to use my server.



    I ordered a Cloud Server on 06/12/19. I installed the Nitrado daemon and was able to get to the Applications page but I'm unable to install any Minecraft Game Servers or any other that I have tested.

    All I get when I click Install is "Error: The app metadata can not be saved now." I submitted a support Ticket on 06/12/19 and on the same day I received a response with the following

    Thank you for your support request.

    We have received your request and have evaluated it as needing additional

    review or actions.

    We will forward this ticket to the appropriate department, and they will

    answer your ticket in the order it was received.

    It is now 14/12/19 and I haven't received any further communication.

    I have tried a complete reinstall of the server and I still get the same Error when trying to install applications.

    The cloud server is something I'm not used to as previously I have just used Gameservers for my games and Linux isnt something I'm familiar with.

    I just hope I can get this sorted as so far I've been unable to use my Cloud Server.

    Regards blitzyUK