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    DOAGEN you guys keep suggesting the JSON method, despite having shown you repeatedly it DOES NOT WORK CONSISTENTLY OR AT ALL. And then you also say no ETA on when you will be adding real / fully tested mod support. I am getting the sense that Atlas may not be a priority? An honest answer would be great, so if we should start looking for other hosting providers we can do so. If you are not fully committed to Atlas that is fine, but please stop stringing us along. Our community really wants to add mods to our cluster, but I cannot at the moment.

    Jerryn - thanks for the detailed suggestion. Know that we have done exactly what you outline, along with many other suggested work-arounds. The problem for us is that is still will not work properly nor consistently across all grids. You would think it should, but it doesn't. Worse, sometimes the same solution will end up with different results (i.e. one time it works on 1 grid, another time the SAME method doesn't work on any grid).

    I wish I was one of those lucky few for whom the json mod installation process just worked... it doesn't, and nor do the other ways people have suggested. Given that many other hosted servers (non-Nitrado) have mods working fine, I hope they are taking a serious look at whatever they are doing here, and get it fixed asap. You will notice that they STILL have not given an actual timeline for when they can give us real mod support?

    We have tried everything under the sun to get mods to work reliably on our cluster. When following your suggested json update, the following happens: the mod SOMETIMES works on one server, but never the entire cluster (no idea why). NOTE: we are only trying to use official steam workshop mods.

    We have also tried the more traditional approach of updating the json AND uploading the mod file/directory to the same on every server we have... also doesn't work.

    We have spoken with several mod authors about how to get stuff working on Nitrado, and they have speculated about many reasons why it does not work on your setup while it works fine for people using different hosting providers. Bottom line, this likely has little to do with being EA, and more to do with how you have the servers hosted and mod support implemented?

    UPDATE: the main mod we REALLY want to have active is: Custom Item Stacks (1629667379 )

    Please reply with something beyond "we are working on it". It is a crucial feature of private servers, and as you can tell from both your own (old) forums and virtually every other forum, Nitrado DOES NOT have working mod support (even for official mods that are downloaded from the Steam workshop).

    We have this enabled across all 9 servers in our cluster, and we cannot figure out HOW this is calculated. Our tribe is be far the biggest with the most claims / ships / resources gathered, yet as soon as a new tribe gets going they can top the leaderboard with virtually no effort. What gives?