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    Hey Koolwater and Kaphalor, is there a way to do that if I'm on PS4 and don't have access to a computer just a mobile phone?

    So after spending a day trying to log in I finally got into my server only to find it reset to day one with everything wiped, no buildings no tames just like I started a fresh map.

    Crazy upset right now and I'm unable to even restart my server or anything it's acting like it's already being restarted.

    Anyone else having this issue? I sent a ticket to Nitrado but I'm not sure if they can fix it or if it's a fault on WildCards end or what.

    I thought it was gone for good so I tried changing my Island server to Ragnorak only to find it won't let me do anything with my server. I'm scared by doing that I ruined the chances of having my server fixed and back to what it was.