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    I rented a server a few days ago and was immediately inundated with problems. Unable to restart the server, settings not working, unable to connect for up to an hour after restarting, lagging with a 41ms ping and two players, etc, etc, etc.

    For someone who has run a dedicated server on my own hardware for quite a while, this is inexcusable for a paid service. Also, having to wait days for a patch to be applied by someone at the hosting company after they deem it "OK" is ridiculous.

    Before you go all "it's a complicated process", blah, blah, crap, that's the whole point of running a PAID service. People pay PROFESSIONALS to handled the "complicated" stuff. If you're not capable of doing it well, then don't do it. And certainly don't charge people for doing it.

    After attempting to use this awful service for a few days I decided to just host my dedicated server on the same machine I play the game on. My performance is 100 times better, I can patch when I want, and I can troubleshoot my own problems and it doesn't cost me a penny.

    For anyone just wanting to run a server for a few friends I'd recommend doing the same. A ARK server can be made with just about any piece of junk computer and a few hours of time. You'll have access to every conceivable setting, and can manage it how you see fit.

    This goes to show that even doing research on the internet can prove fruitless and pointless. Nitrado was recommended by quite a few people as a hosting service to use for ARK. Not until after I had ordered a server did I start to come across the myriad of complaints regarding the exact same problems I experienced. This might not be a "Nitrado" only problem, but it is ONE of their problems. And when you're whole business is supposedly supplying hosting service for game servers, that's a pretty substantial problem.

    I'm not going to pretend that this is the only company that attempted to do something out of its league (I've worked for a few), but it's something that can't be ignored. People need to understand what you're getting into by giving your money to someone who cannot deliver a good service. Unfortunately the internet is polluted with such companies. This seems to be one of them.

    I don't want reimbursement and I don't want an apology. I don't care about your canned "We care about our customer / It's being worked on" line of xx either. It should be worked on before you charge people for it. If your crap automated system can't handle doing what it was designed to do, then don't try to sell it. And certainly don't blow smoke up my butt about it.

    If you are reading this and come up with some snarky reply such as "can I have your stuff?" or "cry more, newb", just know that I don't give two tinkles about your 12yo opinion.

    For anyone else that's aggravated with this "service" I'd suggest looking into hosting your own server. It's cheaper than you think and will be far more satisfying.

    -Opinionated Jerk