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    I know I can ban a player but how do you handle them just creating an ALT account to log in with and continue to cause issues. It was reported that a player got on with a hacked/jailbroken PS4 with mods like ESP and some kind of way tag a player across the map and kill the by firing a weapon. Has anyone else heard of this? Is there a way to ban by PS4 and not just the player name or GUID?

    i would recommend you, setting the restarts with Automated tasks and using this code:

    1. <message>
    2. <deadline>??</deadline>
    3. <text>Server Restarts in #tmin minutes.</text>
    4. </message>

    to display them in-Game

    So if I use this, the automated tasks will restart the server and players in the game will still see the messages for the restart?

    I am not talking about the Mission files, sorry for not being clearer. I am talking about the log files, the .adm files. When I log into the interface there is an option on the left under "Information" Under that I can highlight LOG and see all the activity on the server. When I did a manual reboot it did not roll the current log into a new TAB, it just wiped out he log and started over.

    If I do a manual reboot on my PS4 Dayz server it wipes the log and it does not roll over. Should I just always download the file before any manual reboot?

    You dont.... The only way would be to ask them what they had and then spawn it back in for them in a chest or backpack or something. You will need to learn how to do this and it is not a simple task unless you really understand XML files. There are a lot of YouTube videos that can help you with this.