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    This seems an issue for all with a Fjord Server - My players have all reported the same as everyone in this post. This needs a quick Fix, Fjord is probably my most popular map from my Cluster...🙄

    Legend mate, works a treat 👍

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have a perfectly setup set of breeding codes for server I could use? Currently I have the following buts its very tight on the last imprint and in some cases the final imprint cannot be achieved:








    Basically just need a new set that allows full imprint on all dinos which still gives a pretty quick raise time as above.

    Thanks Curby

    Hopefully the coding I have done here should be fine for all maps, let me know 👍















    Does anyone know if it is possible to allow the unlocking of Gen2 engrams on the island? Spawning in GEN2 items and dinos is possible and easy but IE the EXO Mek cannot be ridden with the engram unlocked?

    I am looking for the coding if possible.

    Many Thanks

    Does anyone have the coding to hand to add Berry Bush seeds to drop from Killing Alpha's?

    I would like to add them for use as server currency

    I have rage quit Beacon many times with the attempts! Would be far easier if someone has the script I can just copy and paste into my game.ini?

    Hi All,

    I have spoken to Nitrado via the phone this morning and they have said its an issues at their end and it would be fixed within the hour, that was 2 hours ago and my server still cannot be restarted.

    Anyone else having this issues or is it just me?

    Basically when I select settings/web interface it comes up with an opps host system offline or not ready..

    Any ideas on when this will be fixed??:rolleyes:

    Hi All,

    This may have been answered already but I cannot find the answer anywhere!

    I want to enable whitelisting on my server, I joined another random server the other night and had to go through discord and tick a box before it would allow me on his/her server, I want to do the same so that new members can read the rules on discord before joining.

    How is it possible to to have a new user go through Discord and tick a box that allows the whitelisting to automatically put them through? Sounds complicated ||



    So a quick update for anyone else who has this issue which I understand is a fair few people reading around the forums.

    Nitrado switched my server on 3 occasions with no fix, changed game ports with no fix....

    To fix the issue above within my first message you need to ask Nitrado to change your REGION... I ordered a UK based server as I am UK based, however this gave us disconnection issues, I have now moved my server to Frankfurt and restarted and we haven't had a single issue since doing this.

    I am not saying this would work for everyone but after 5 days of messing with router settings and swapping IP addresses etc a simple region change fixed it.

    Consider this resolved (for now 🙄)


    Thanks for your reply. A ticket was submitted yesterday and Nitrado support reset my server and changed IP Ports/Address settings.

    Unfortunately this hasnt worked and again today players log on and after 1 hours game time they are randomly kicked, the character they joined with gone and they have to create a new character and start at noob spawn area again, its pretty pointless anyone joining my server due to this issue.

    My intention was to rent a server with 32 slots and create a discord channel for a great PVP/PVE Server, this cannot be done as the service you are providing me isnt working or hasnt worked for 4 days, this has cost me £30.00 so can you please let me know what I can do or what you can do for me??



    7 hours later no reply to my problem?? I have used nitrado for Ark with no issues but are the devs on the DayZ side of things quick to take my £30 but not help with my issue?

    Seriously I have 32 slot server than can only have me in it.... I would call that a massive false advertisement and yes a ticket has been placed no response to this either..

    Hi All,

    Rented a 32 slot DayZ server around 3 days ago. I have slightly boosted a few items IE food and weapons.. The issue I am having related to new server players, personally myself I have 0 issues when playing however another player who has joined the server with me is having issues with him being disconnected and kicked from the server, also he cannot interact with things either and when he has been kicked it wants him to create a complete new character as if the one he is playing with has died? This isnt great as I rented 32 slots to eventually open up to the public so I need this issue resolving asap before I splash anymore cash at it.

    P.S I have seen other threads with the same issue and it says resolved? So what is the fix?

    Not able to interact with the world

    The above is the same problem and again marked as resolved???

    He has tried the basic things IE Nat type is open, re-installed the game etc...

    Thanks in advance Curby. ;)

    Hi All,

    Sorry to create two posts but I need help with this.

    I am trying to alter the day/night time cycle speeds, however the actual coding does not appear in either my game.ini or my gameusersettings.ini

    According to Ark Wiki the entry for this should come directly after server admin password and spectator password?

    It does not show on my settings and i cannot find it anywhere what so ever. Is this a bug or do I simply need to copy and paste the coding for the day and night time cycle settings into my gameusersettings.ini directly below the server admin password and spectator password?


    Thanks in Advance.


    Hi all,

    Can anyone provide the code for:

    Unlock all engrams on the Island for Scorch Earth, AB, Gen.

    Also I am looking to add the Snow owl to the Snow area of The Island so if this code could be provided that would be great.

    Cheers Curby..8)