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    Hi All,

    Sorry to create two posts but I need help with this.

    I am trying to alter the day/night time cycle speeds, however the actual coding does not appear in either my game.ini or my gameusersettings.ini

    According to Ark Wiki the entry for this should come directly after server admin password and spectator password?

    It does not show on my settings and i cannot find it anywhere what so ever. Is this a bug or do I simply need to copy and paste the coding for the day and night time cycle settings into my gameusersettings.ini directly below the server admin password and spectator password?


    Thanks in Advance.


    Hi all,

    Can anyone provide the code for:

    Unlock all engrams on the Island for Scorch Earth, AB, Gen.

    Also I am looking to add the Snow owl to the Snow area of The Island so if this code could be provided that would be great.

    Cheers Curby..8)

    Currently I am having 3 issues with my servers.

    The main one Ive just submitted a ticket for and will be awaiting a reply next month probably!

    Second issue is the loading server music continues to play once Ive loaded in to the game? sometimes it goes off after a few minutes of running around and sometimes its on for a good hour! Anyone else getting this?

    And the third issue is the admin commands are not working? I gain admin access and type in a code and the type bar simply goes blank, all in all the above issue are P**S poor to say the least especially when I run tow servers which alone cost me £20.00 yesterday to extend.

    I have been using Nitrado for some years now and never moan but this is beyond a joke! Your only advice to everything we request is submit a ticket? Well it takes the people days to respond not hours! Its a joke!

    My server wont restart, I cant use admin commands on either server and I have the stupid music running in the background.. what is the point in paying for a floored service!! :cursing:

    Quick to take our money and takes about 3 real life days to sort one small issue out! Absolutely a HUGE joke! Very disappointed in response to problems, we have to sit here for days and twiddle our thumbs until support get look at it!

    I did force stop and restarted but no joy, still stuck in the loop! And I am not whiping the server as 4 players already put a good few hours into it - were do I log the ticket?

    Did anyone get a fix on this issue? Just come back from my Holiday and cannot see any posts saying this has been fixed? Currently I changed my settings to what was recommended on here by another member, please see below:








    It is not possible to get 100% imprint with the above settings, previous settings were:



    I wonder if I revert back to my old settings would it now work?? This issue is now around 1 month old....

    Roll back worked a treat for me! Just rolled server back about 20 minutes before update hit so around 6:30 I rolled back to update hit around 7:30pm UK time.

    All is normal again 👍

    My server has just been reset to day 1!!!!!!!

    What is happening with all these recent updates! Seriously this is a JOKE!!

    Hi CdoubleOK

    I see the post you've made about the imprint timers. Is there other stuff going on with your server besides the imprinting issues? I've brought the imprint setting up with support as soon as the posts started coming through. I assure you it's being looked at. It seems to be affecting not just private but official in some instances as well. I always say to keep and eye on the Ark / wildcard Twitter along with ours. We post regular updates with issues that come up.

    Also tickets can take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours to be answered.

    Its actually good to hear its being looked at now so thats a plus from me :thumbup:

    We use this, which gives about 5 minuttes:

    1. BabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier=10.000000
    2. BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.0110000
    3. BabyCuddleLoseImprintQualitySpeedMultiplier=0.010000
    4. BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier=10.000000
    5. BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=120.000000
    6. EggHatchSpeedMultiplier=50.000000
    7. LayEggIntervalMultiplier=0.500000
    8. MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.010000

    I will probably give your coding a go, once we figure out what the new settings should be

    There is an accurate formula for figuring your imprint settings based off of maturation. Official settings is 1.0. Example: 1 (official settings) divided by 120 (your settings) = 0.00833 which would give you 100% imprint for your x120 maturation setting.

    As far as the new bug is concerned with the servers, I have no idea what kind of code WildCard threw, so I have no idea how to fix it mathematically yet.