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    You seriously hit the nail on the head with this one. I too have experience running my own servers on the same machine I am playing. Usually with little resources needed to do so, and with greatly improved experience. I started playing this game specifically to play with my friend who uses and xbox, while I use a PC. Like you, I also fruitlessly and pointlessly researched the internet to find how to host our own server. The best I could find were people saying that we need to have a second computer/console and account to host. What is this nonsense? They suggest making a whole new Microsoft account just to run our own server? Crazy talk. So, I decided to try Nitrado servers after hearing mostly positive reviews. I have only had the server for 11 days and have not been able to play for 5 of them. This last update fiasco is related to CrossPlay, which is the whole reason I purchased this server in the first place, and has not been resolved for over 48 hours now. And even though I can now connect to the server I am uncontrollably whistling constantly. Only on the server, not my local world, and only when using my xbox 360 controller. This most certainly is inexcusable indeed. Roughly half of my PAID service hasn't been rendered. That's like going out to dinner and the waiter only bringing half of what you ordered. I will not be continuing my services and am about to set out on my hunt to tame the knowledge of how to host my own server on the same machine as you have stated can be done. Thank you for inspiring me to try again. A couple of questions for you, if you don't mind? Can you help me filter through the online pollution? Any links to the info you found on hosting a server on the same machine?

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