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    I need help because I don't know what to do anymore.

    After renting and installing the Arma3 server, we try to play with friends. The problem is that the server restarts in a loop and is never stable.

    After opening a ticket with NITRADO and looking at the logs, the mods used would be the source of the problem.

    Several tests were carried out:

    - same mission (enemy assault Altis by GHOST and coming from the workshop)

    - with mods / without mod / with aev cune part of the mods.

    The result is the same. The server restarts randomly (sometimes 3 or 4 times in a row, sometimes after 30 minutes.

    We no longer know what to do, especially since in the logs there are also mentioned a3 errors, such as :

    - "a3\characters_f\proxies\flag.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape"

    - "a3\data_f\krater.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape"

    - "a3\data_f\koule.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape".

    - "Warning: looped for animation: a3\anims_f_epa\data\anim\sdr\sdr\cts\hubcleaned\briefing\hubbriefing_loop.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: hubbriefing_ext"

    Thank you for the answers you can provide