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    This is the 3rd time this has happened to me, the first time it was resolved with a switch of hardware, the second time I lost an entire game save as we had to reinstall the server, this time I am worried it is needing that again and I hope not as we have a HUGE community and over one years worth of builds on the save.

    The issue is this; I make simple changes on Beacon, add stuff to drops, lowered a few dino spawns, changed the start up message, I deploy from Beacon. The server restarts, but does not show on the ark server list and it shows a massive spike in the CPU.

    I rollback to previous save...nothing

    I reinstall map save data....nothing.

    I shut down and leave for a while, reboot, nothing.

    I take out the changes and reboot, nothing...

    We even upgraded to 20 slots (as we needed too) and nothing... It then got stuck in restart and now wont' even start up.

    What the hell is going on here?

    There are no changes I've made that would do this and they all went onto my other 8 servers fine!!

    Got a ticket (again) but Nitrado gave me no explanation last time and I worry if i lose this map save data I am gonna lose my community as this map is the hub.