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    i know of some good ideas for the game Dayz.

    -multi Caves to build a base that can fit up to 5 tents

    -at night near the top hills you can see the "alaska aurora"

    -scary noises coming from a dark woods (screams,loud roars etc)

    -add mist so it can be creepy

    -a big cemetery

    -add ghosts

    -add more statues

    -add black cats,crows,squirrels,snakes,leaches,mountain lions,coyotes

    -add trucks that has 700 sloths two seats

    -add bunkers

    -add zombies (clowns,missing arms,half a head ,white dress zombie, etc)

    -add flare guns,metal bases ,raid bases takes longer(25 mins to break down one piece of wall)

    -with the sludge hammer make it super rare hopefully traders for ps4 and xbox.

    -put zombies in the middle of nowhere. more zombies inland.

    -put 30 zombies walking in one path like the walking dead does.

    -add c4 remote control super rare

    -campfire last longer

    -add football (american football)

    -add more radio frequency like 10 more

    -add new battery that can be use longer

    -new locks for bases digital

    -solar panels

    -a way to put bait for wolves,bears,deers other animal to kill them

    -dig holes to trap players or animals

    -a random ufo flying by at night

    - shooting stars

    -little lighter at night to be able see trees, sky and road,road signs, buildings from 30 meters away

    -make the base wall higher so people wont use a person to vault. make it 4 feet higher...

    -be able to put a wall inside church and other places to make a base.

    -bears and animals can go to lakes to drink water.

    -posters in houses

    -add candles in house so we can light them when its dark

    -different color animals

    -dead zombies hanging from the trees

    -add chairs to sit down

    -add different foods (orange,pineapple, mango,corn,etc)

    -street lights with solar attached should help at night